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Technical How-To Listing

This page lists what Technical How-To documentation we have available!

Getting Started
SMARTboard and Projector Setup Activating SMART Notebook Connecting Your SMART Document Camera Filling out an IT Support Helpdesk Ticket
OES Network Access (Formerly Novell) Changing your OES/Gmail password Backups and Restoration Adobe Sign-In
Intro to Google Meet Uploading a video to YouTube Creating your Employee Service Portal Account
Network Connections
Using the District's Wireless Network Using the District's Wired Network Connecting to Your Home Network
SMART Board & Projector
Sync Your SMART Board Orienting Your SMART Board Troubleshooting Your SMART Board Troubleshooting Projector Issues
Connecting Your Projector Cables HP Laptop Settings for Projector Connecting Your SMART Document Camera
Printing with Papercut
General Computer Usage
Creating a Webpage Shortcut on the Desktop Accessing your Home Directory from home
Phone and Voicemail
Checking Your Voicemail Using the Corporate Directory Forwarding Your Calls Phone Sign In/Out
Phone Sign In Pin Change Why do staff need to sign into their phones now?
Microsoft Office
Office 2016 Office 2016 for Macs
Google Apps
Gmail Chrome Calendar Drive
Docs Sheets YouTube Slides
Sites Classroom Photos Meet
Infinite Campus
Setting up your gradebook Posting your grades(HS/MS) Posting your grades(Elementary) Using teacher messenger
Taking attendance Behavior referrals Setting up seating charts Adding money to your lunch account
Adding a website for students to access How to set up two-factor authentication(2FA) How to create your campus community account
Running Reports
Personal Math Trainer - Running a Standards Report
Engaging The Classroom
How-To Create Podcasts Accessing the KITE Client
Linq EMS (Alio) / Employee Service Portal
EMS(Alio) Two-Factor Authentication ESP(Employee Service Portal) Two-Factor Authentication
Joining a Zoom Meeting Scheduling a Zoom Meeting