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Creating a Website Shortcut

This article is about how to create a clickable desktop shortcut to any website using Google Chrome.

1. Open up Google Chrome and navigate to the website you want to bookmark. If you look at where the mouse is in the picture below (it is by the web address bar that says, there is a small icon to the left. This icon can change from an "i", to a lock icon, to an unlocked lock iconm or even a logo depending webpage you are on. The way the icon is displaying does not affect your ability to create a shortcut. Click and hold on the icon directly to the left of the web address.


2. Drag the icon to your computer's desktop. Releasing the click when the mouse is positioned over a blank space on the desktop. You can also drag the shortcut into a folder if you'd prefer.


3. The shortcut is now present on your computer, and can be used like any other link. Double clicking the icon will open your web browser and auto-navigate to the site.


If you do not have access to a website you feel you should have access to, please put in a IT Helpdesk Support ticket via SchoolDude requesting access.