Troubleshooting SMART Board Issues

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My SMARTboard isn't working right.

When I touch my SMARTboard, it doesn't respond

Check to make sure your SMARTboard has a solid green light indicating it's connected to your computer.

If it does.
Ensure that nothing else is touching the SMARTboard. A chair leaning against it, a cord or decoration(including Christmas Lights) hanging off the top could be brushing against the screen. Anything touching the screen could prevent the board from interacting.

If it does not
Try re-syncing the board, or ensuring a solid connection if hard-wired using the instructions below.

Nothing is displaying on my SMARTboard

This problem is not actually related to the SMARTboard. Please check the page on Troubleshooting Projector Issues.

The pens are not working/Not lighting up when picked up

Clean the sensor on the pens and SMART Board by blowing air on them. If they still are not working open an IT Helpdesk Support ticket via SchoolDude.

Why don't I have SMART Notebook installed?

Due to a change in the SMART Licensing we cannot have SMART Notebook installed on every computer. If you would you like SMART Notebook installed open an IT Helpdesk Support ticket. Please include if you have any of the following devices in your classroom:

Tablet Computer
Interwright Tablets
Interwright Boards

Please keep in mind that due to Licensing we may not be able to install the software on your computer.