Troubleshooting Projector Issues

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Problems with Sound

If you have check the steps below and are still having trouble with your audio put in an IT Helpdesk Support ticket via SchoolDude.

Sound won't play when using Replicator

Check audio settings on computer. Unplug the power to the replicator and plug it back in.

Sound won't play through projector or on computer

Check audio settings on computer. Make sure audio is not muted or set to lowest levels.

Sound plays on computer instead of projector

Check audio cable. Make sure the cable is securely plugged into both the computer and the projector wall jack.

There is a high pitched sound from the speakers

Check the levels of audio on your computer. Check to make sure the microphone is turned off if not in use.

Where do I plug in my projector audio cable?

The location of the audio jack depends on the model of computer you are using.

Laptops and Tablets will have an audio jack on either the left edge or the front edge. Some of the newer elementary laptops also have an audio jack on the adapter that allows them to connect to the projector.

Desktops will have an audio jack on either the front or the back of the CPU.

You will find two circular jacks. One green and one pink. The Green jack is where you will plug in your projector's audio cable or headphones. The pink jack is for microphones.

Problems with Display

My projector is dim

If your projector display is dim and hard to see this most likely means it needs to be cleaned. Open a SchoolDude ITDirect ticket to get your projector on the list to be cleaned. Discolored spots (NOT whole screen tinting) are also an indicator that your projector needs cleaned.

If you have recently had your projector cleaned and the display is still dark, we will probably need to order a new bulb. Open a SchoolDude ITDirect ticket and provide the following information:

-Projector Type
-Account Number to be charged for bulb
-Room/Building where projector is located

My projector is displaying too much of one color across the entire screen

If your projector display has too much of one color first check both ends of the cable that connects your computer to the projector. Make sure the cable is securely attached on both ends. If securely connected, unplug each end to make sure the pins are not bent.

If none of the above solves the issue, open a HelpDesk ticket explaining the problem and what you checked.

My display looks wrong

If your computer is not projecting correctly check your display settings. If your display settings are ok, verify all the cables are securely connected to both your computer AND the wall.

If you are using a Port Replicator and the screen is frozen or "erases" when you move your mouse over it you will need to change your view from Mirror to Extend. Left click once on the blue computer icon in the lower right hand corner Select Extend Your computer display will flicker. In order to diplay items on the projector you will need to drag the windows off the side of your computer's monitor.

My projector is displaying Upside-Down

Projectors have a setting that will allow the display to change orientation to accommodate either being set on a cart or being hung from the ceiling, as well as projecting from the front or from the back of a projector screen. The unfortunate side effect of which is sometimes, during a system reset or other troubleshooting, the image can get flipped vertically, horizontally, or both. The settings to remedy this vary based on the model of projector you have, but typically there will be an option in the extended or misc. settings menu on your projector which will allow you to change the projector's orientation. For example, if you have a projector mounted to a pole extending from your ceiling positioned in front of a SMART board(the most typical setup district-wide), you will want to make sure the setting is set to "Front-Ceiling", or whichever similar setting is available on your particular projector.

When can I turn my projector off?

Projectors should be left on for at least 10 minutes after they have fully turned on. Turning the projectors on and off right away decreases the lifespan of the bulb. Allowing the projector to run for at least 10 minutes after turning it on will help increase that lifespan.

Should I turn the projector off between classes?

If you plan on using the projector during the next period or in the next hour, leave the projector on. If you are going to skip a period turn the projector off. DO NOT LEAVE THE PROJECTOR ON OVERNIGHT!

Port Replicators

What view options are available?

The two main views are called "Mirror" and "Extend". It is recommended that "Extend" is the view used.

Mirror In this view you see the same thing on your projector or 2nd monitor as you see on your laptop.

Extend In this view you extend your computer desktop and can drag windows to display on the projector or 2nd monitor. What you see on your laptop is differnt than what you see on your projector/2nd monitor.

To access these view options, press Function + F7 on Lenovo laptops, or Function + F8 on Dell Laptops. Alternatively, holding the Start Menu button and pressing the letter P will access these options on most styles of laptops.

  • Special Note - Some of the Dell laptops are currently experiencing an issue where selecting a view option will not actually make a change occur. While we are working on a fix currently, a workaround is to right-click on a blank area of your desktop, select "Screen Resolution", then under the option for "Multiple Displays", select "Duplicate these Displays". Then click apply, and if everything looks good, click OK.

My projector doesn't display correctly when using a replicator

Due to the new standards for port replicators, "Mirror" is no longer a supported view. Videos, some websites, and some web browsers do not display correctly when using this view. The manufacturers suggest using "Extend" for your view which is fully supported and works appropriately.

How do I connect to my replicator?

You are able to plug in your projector/monitor, network cable, external speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc into the Port Replicator. A USB cable that plugs into the Replicator will plug into your laptop. The Technology Department pre-installs the port replicators during the summer, if a Port Replicator was turned in. The USB port located closest to the Network port (normally on the left edge) was used. If you plug this into a different USB port you will need to reinstall the Port Replicator before it can be used.

What if I don't want to use my replicator?

If you have a Port Replicator and no longer want/use it please contact your building computer tech or put in a SchoolDude ITDirect ticket to have someone pick it up. You will need to plug any external devices such as your projector and network cable directly into the side of you laptop.

I didn't get a replicator. Why?

Many staff members did not receive a Port Replicator when they checked out their laptops. If a person was new or if they changed positions and received a different laptop a Port Replicator was not issued to them. There were several reasons for this including the problems caused by the display standards.