How-To Fill out an IT Support Helpdesk Ticket

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How to create a Schooldude account

If you don't have a schooldude account and need to set one up, please watch this video for additional information.

Creating a Schooldude Account

How-To Fill out an IT Support Helpdesk Ticket

1. Open your web browser and go to

2. Click on "IT Direct"

Note: If you click on "Maintenance Direct", that will not go to the right department, and will cause a delay in getting your request addressed.

3. Enter your district email address( in the appropriate field, then click "Submit".

On the next screen, you'll need to enter the following information:

Step 1 - Contact Information

Most of the boxes in Step 1 should be automatically filled out for you. If you notice incorrect or missing info, please adjust this in the settings tab near the top of the screen.

Step 2 - Location Information

a. Location. Choose your location from the drop down box. This will correspond to the building you are having the issue at. If you work in multiple buildings, please either use the building the issue is occurring at. If the issue follows you from building to building, just choose any of the buildings you have the problem at, then mention that the problem follows your equipment, and how we might find you.

b. Area. Select the general area where the issue is occurring. Computer Lab, Gym, Classroom, etc.

c. Area/Room Number. This is where you would put your classroom number if applicable. This is important both so your building tech knows where to find the issue, but also to help us track issues related to equipment that stays with the room, i.e., projectors and SMARTboards.

d. There is also a checkbox to enable you to save your location information so you won't have to type it in again if you need to enter another ticket in the future.

Step 3 - Select Problem Type

Click on the icon which best describes the problem you are having.

Step 4 - Please Describe Your Problem or Request

This is where you can fill in information regarding the issue. This is where you'd want to put the computer name(found on a label on the top or side of the computer), any recent changes made, or anything you might have done to attempt to troubleshoot the issue yourself.

Step 5 - Time Available for Maintenance

This is typically viewed as more of an ideal window, as your building tech will likely have several issues to work on and, and will have to solve your issue when they are available to do so.

Step 6 - Purpose

Select the appropriate option from the drop down list.

Step 7 - Attachment

Click on the link to attach a file which might help solve the issue. Picture, screenshots, or tracking documents are common attachments. Note: You can only upload two attachments per ticket, and each attachment has to be smaller than 3 megabytes.

Step 8 - Submittal Password

The password for submittal is "password". All lower-case, no quotes.

Step 9 - Submit

Click submit to send your ticket to IT.

After that, the IT department should contact you within a couple of days. You can check your email for any pertinent status updates, or call 4020 for emergencies(entire building's lost internet, all phones in a hallway are down, etc.)