Data Migration Fall 2022

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What happened again?

Part of the migration to Active Directory was 1) "changing where the data was stored", and 2) "changing how user access privileges to the data was determined and granted". These led to the necessity of overhauling our in-house data storage and structure to allow us to finish the migration and be ready as close as possible for the 22-23 school year.

Why not just use the same drives letters?

Our existing drive letters (L:, M:, N:, and O:) pointed to live data and the District has many 9/10/11-month staff working on and off throughout the Summer and the central office which is operating year-round. Reusing these letters would break access to the live data during the Summer-long migration and was not an option. The only exception to this would be the H: drive, which is set on a per-user basis.

Why did the data have to get moved around a bit?

The existing drive letters (L:, M:, N:, and O:) were based on an older design model from back when the SEC and the schools were less connected with each other from a networking-perspective; and it was decided that a different design model would be more appropriate for the District's current user environment and network capabilities. Along with that, the drives had become cluttered, and riddled with abandoned files or folders over time.

Where Did the Data Move?

In addition to your H: Drive, we now have three new drive Letters (Q:, R:, S:). Based on function, we aimed to make them easy to navigate and even "stumble" upon your data.

  • H: Drive - Your Personal Home Directory. Your H: Drive. The same as always, it is your personal files. It has had a small journey as it migrated to a different server and system, but it is still the same H: Drive as years past.
  • Q: Drive - Staff Home Directories. Virtually all staff will only ever see their own home directory here, which is just the long way to get to your H: drive. If you are one of the handful that have access to another's Home Directory (their H: drive), you will find it here.
    • Note: This is a rare scenario; most often related to covering for unfilled office positions or long-term absences. The District does not automatically grant a user access to any other staff member's home directory and requires an explicit request from the respective supervisor or Principal; even if for the supervisor or Principal themselves (which itself may also require an elevated level of approval).
  • R: Drive - Student Home Directories. Students' H: drives are found here. Sorted by building. A Teacher or Administrator should see their schools' students.
  • S: Drive - Shared Files and Resources. The "Shared Drive" if you will. Any file and folders pertaining to multiple users (such as your school's "COMMON" folder) can be found here.
    • Files and folders relating to a specific building or school can be found under that building's folder (e.g. "S:\AE\COMMON").
    • Files and folders relating either to multiple buildings or a district-wide team or function can be found under the "DW" folder (e.g. "S:\DW\Early Childhood" or "S:\DW\Maintenance").


You will only see data you have been explicitly given access to. If you can not find any specific data that you had, or if you do not appear to have access to shared data that you use to, please submit a IT Helpdesk Support ticket via SchoolDude requesting access. Click here for How to Fill out an IT Support Helpdesk Ticket.