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Why Do Staff Need to Sign into Their Phones Now?

The Phone Sign-In is a feature we've had available to us, but haven't used until this year. So why the change?

With the ability to sign into the phones, phones become 'part of the room' so no matter which staff member is in the classroom, conference room, or lab; the staff member can sign in and have their phone extension available to them. Some scenarios where this may be a benefit:

  • Some staff members move rooms quite a bit and/or use shared spares. This allows the phone to match whoever is using that room.
  • If there is any last minute room assignment changes, staff can simply sign out of the phone in their own room and sign into the phone in their new room without waiting for tech staff to catch up with the moves.
  • During special events, conferences, ESY, or summer school; staff are able to walk into a room and sign into the phone instead of trying to be reached via a different staff member's extension.
  • Going forward, this should help make the beginning of the school year start more smoothly since it is easier for us to verify that the phones match static rooms instead of the ever-changing staff assignments.

Note: For the majority of staff, they will only need to sign in once. They may need to sign in after extended breaks (Winter, Spring, or Summer) but otherwise they should be set for the year.

Note: If you aren't signed in, you can still dial 911. You can still dial both internal and outside phone numbers, but calls to your extension will go straight to voicemail instead until you sign in.

This setup will also be beneficial to the Technology Department by allowing a smoother transition into the new school year, save numerous man-hours throughout the year, and less inventory changes to maintain.