How-To Use the District Wireless Networks

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Auburn-Washburn offers wireless access to allow for staff, students, and patrons to use as long as they are within one of the schools or at the central office. There are three wireless networks you will see.


The 437Wireless network is the primary wireless network used inside the district. Its' use is reserved for district devices which, as of Summer of 2015, are configured to automatically connect without any user intervention. Laptops and Chromebooks that connect are automatically given either Staff or Student internet privileges based on if it is a Staff computer or is for Student use. If you have a district laptop or chromebook that has issues connecting to 437Wireless on startup, please put in a Helpdesk Ticket so it can be fixed.


The 437BYOD network is new with the recent wireless infrastructure update that the district has gone through over the last couple of years. It is meant to be used by staff and students who choose to bring in their personally-owned devices. Connecting to the 437BYOD network requires you to provide a password of myowndevice in order to connect. After connecting, a webpage will launch requiring you input your district login credentials in order to proceed. Users who are attached to this network are on a tighter restriction as far as network resources go. This network has restricted access to several district resources (e.g. printing is available, but not network file shares). Internet access is also more restricted than the 437Wireless, giving everyone "Student" access.


The 437Guest network is meant for parents, patrons, and other guests visiting the district to have basic internet access. This wireless network is wide open and unencrypted, anyone can connect to it without needing a password. Internet access is restricted down to Student access to ensure CIPA compliance is still met, and all district resources not required for the internet access are not available.

  • Note - Swapping back and forth from 437Wireless to 437Guest can cause issues which may result in an inability to access network resources. Please do not log in to guest unless absolutely necessary, and if you have problems logging in to Novell or accessing any network resources afterward, please IT Helpdesk Support ticket via SchoolDude.


I can access the internet, but cannot log in to Novell or some sites I normally visit are blocked

This usually indicates a guest connection on the wireless network. If you've verified you are connected to the 437Wireless network, please submit an IT Helpdesk Support ticket.

Final Note

It is important to know that given the nature of wireless technology, even the most secured wireless network is not 100% secure in terms of keeping others from being able to see what you are doing. Please keep this in mind as you use any wireless network, especially in public settings, and be mindful of sending any form of private information.