How-To Set Your Print Jobs to Hold

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How To Set “Hold Print”

1. After selecting your printer in the PrinterSwitcher, Click on the Start menu in the lower lefthand corner of your screen. In Windows 7, click “Devices and Printers”. In Windows 10, scroll down to "Settings". If you're not sure which version of windows you have, please compare to the images below.


2a. Next in Windows 7, Right-Click on “Savin Universal Printer”. Click “Printer Properties”. It may take a few seconds for the next window to open. In Windows 10, click on "Devices".

  • Special Note - Do not click "Properties". If you click "Properties" instead of "Printer properties", you will not get the correct options.


2b. In Windows 10 ONLY, first click on the "SAVIN Universal Printer" to reveal additional option buttons, then click "Manage". After that, click on "Printer properties".



3. Next, click “Preferences”.


4. Under “Job Type:”, select “Hold Print” from the list.


5. On the same window, Click the “Details” Button directly to the right of the “Job Type:” menu. This will bring up a box a drop down menu for “User ID:”, and a text field to “Enter User ID:”. Leave the drop down menu set to its default, which should be “Create Own ID”. In the box labeled “Enter User ID:”, type in your username. This is so you can identify which job is yours when you go to the printer to pick up your print jobs. Once you’ve done that, click “OK” to close that window.


6. Press “OK” again to close “Printer Preferences”.

7. On the “Printer Properties” window, select the “Advanced” tab.


8. From this window, click on “Printing Defaults”.


9. From this screen, you just have to select “Hold Print” again from the drop down box. Then click “OK” to close the window.


That’s it. From this point you should be able to use Hold Print on any printer you select through the PrinterSwitcher.