How-To Install Printers

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Installing Additional Printers (Under Construction)

When installing printers, please only install the printers needed for your job duties.

= COPIERS = - To add or remove copiers/printers from the Savin Universal List (As seen in the pictures below), download and run the file below. Just follow the prompts on the blue screen and choose which building's printers you want!

Selectprinter1v2.png Selectprinter2.png


You may install any of the color printers listed below by downloading and running the appropriate file. NOTE: These will only work on staff computers. If you would like a color printer installed on a student computer, then please put in a SchoolDude ticket for it.

Still Can't Find What You Want?

Unfortunately not all printers and copiers can be setup for quick installation like this or have more restricted access that we cannot