Connecting to Your Home Network

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How to Connect Your District Laptop to Your Home Network

*In the pictures below, the steps in Windows 7 are on the left, Windows 10 on the right.

This article will help you connect your district Laptop to your home network

1. In the lower right hand corner of your screen, click on the wireless icon. Click on your home network's name, or SSID. The SSID for the network in this tutorial is "Captain America".


2. There will be an option to connect automatically. It will be left checked in this tutorial, but that's your personal preference. Click on the connect button.


3. There will be a short pause while your computer negotiates with your wireless network. This should only take a few seconds.


4. Type in the security key, or password for your wireless network. It's usually either set by the person who set up the home network, or printed on a sticker on your wireless router. Click "OK" in Windows 7, or "Next" in Windows 10.


5. After another few seconds of authenticating to your network, you should see the wireless icon has changed to show you are connected.


*Special Note - The district does not support or maintain home wireless profiles, passwords, or hardware.