Connecting Your Projector Cables

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Connecting your Projector cables

See video below

For most setups, you will have a large black cable with a VGA connector(D-shaped with 14 or 15 pins) and and audio connector (3.5mm single pin with Tip-Ring-Sleeve, like a typical headphone connection). Connect one end of the VGA connector to the corresponding port on your computer. This is typically on the left side, though may be positioned differently or even moved to an adapter. Connect the same end of the audio cable to the headphone jack on your computer. This port is typically either green or black. Plug the other end of the VGA cable into the corresponding jack on your wall plate. Similarly, plug the other end of the audio connector into the corresponding jack on the wall plate. This should complete the connection for most cases.

3.5mm Plug VGA Connector

Notable Exceptions

SMART Document Camera/Elmo

In cases where you might have a document camera plugged in the chain to your projector, you will want to ensure that your VGA cable connects from the computer to the "VGA In" port on the camera, then you'll need a separate VGA cord going from the document camera's "VGA Out" to the wall plate. You will also likely need a separate audio cord to connect your computers headphone jack to the wallplate, as most document cameras do not have an audio pass-through.

Lenovo 20DA Laptops

The elementary laptops introduced during school year 15/16 have an HDMI-to-VGA dongle to connect them to the projector (Staff with this laptop are most likely Grades 4-6, Specials, and Elementary Admin staff). Plug this dongle into the corresponding port on the right side of the computer base close to the screen, and they should be able to follow the rest of the instructions normally. This dongle also has an audio jack in case the audio jack on the computer is too far of a stretch.

Connecting through Port Replicators

Please see the section on Port Replicators on the Troubleshooting Projector Issues page.

How to plug in video