Backups and Restoration

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Backing up as you work

This article outlines best practices and methods for creating backups

The District Tech Department does not backup and restore information on Teacher and staff laptops per District Policy. There are network resources available to provide a persistent space for digital storage. Proper backup to and restoration from this network storage can prevent data loss in the event of a computer failure, or over the summer as the Tech Department wipes and restores all Windows based machines. Articles related to accessing your "H:" drive and storing information there are listed below. Click the section header to access the article.

Using OES to access your "H:" drive

Logging into OES in necessary for most of the methods outlined here. If you're not familiar with how to log in to OES and access your "H:" drive, you should start with this article.

Backing up your Google Chrome bookmarks

Backing up your Google Chrome bookmarks is helpful for retaining important website addresses either over the summer, or in preparation for a possible system crash. If you do not have your bookmarks saved on the network, and the hard drive fails on your computer, you would lose those bookmarks.

Backing up other files

To back up most other file type, you can copy them to your "H:" drive. This tutorial shows you how to load all of your local files into one folder, and copy that folder to the network for safe keeping.